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Preparation quotes review the good and bad sides of preparation. The concept of ‘being prepared’ is a conundrum. While some planning is important, too much puts the...

...brakes on progress. What are you preparing for – success or failure? It is great to prepare for opportunities you want to take advantage of in the future. Alexander Graham Bell calls preparation the ‘key to success,’ but Napoleon warns “Over-preparation is the foe of inspiration.” So what are we to do? Simply use your intuition. Make basic plans, persist in honing your talents, and you’ll be prepared to ‘say yes’ to opportunities as they come along.

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A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.
Joyce Brothers

All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen.
Sidney Lumet

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.
Alexander Graham Bell

I will prepare and some day my chance will come.
Abraham Lincoln

If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he had prepared for.
Florence Scovel Shinn

Luck favors a mind that is prepared.
Louis Pasteur

Over-preparation is the foe of inspiration.
Napoleon Bonaparte

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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