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Power quotes in this collection refer, primarily, to your personal powers: creative power, the power of your words, your power to take action and make choices. We can all use our ‘power within’

 and to master challenges and achieve our dreams. Heed Alice Walker’s warning, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” You are a powerful spiritual being having a human experience. You have the power to re-create your world with your words, thoughts and actions. Your power within is available to you now and always. Use it.

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Do you want to be a power in the world? Then be yourself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.
Ferdinand Foch

You need power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done.
Charlie Chaplin

Every act of creating is an act of power, an act of hope.
Pam Grout

We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance.
Benjamin Disraeli

Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking.
Carl Jung

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.
Napoleon Hill

Be not the slave of your own past –plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience, that shall explain and overlook the old.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be alive is power, existing in itself, without a further function, omnipotence enough.
Emily Dickinson

As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think.
Toni Morrison

Do the thing and you will have the power.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents.
John W. Gardner

Power is the ability not to have to please.
Elizabeth Janeway

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
Audre Lorde

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs.
Maxwell Maltz

Some say knowledge is power, but that is not true. Character is power.
Sathya Sai Baba

Power over others is weakness disguised as strength. True power is within and it is available to you now.
Eckhart Tolle

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
Alice Walker

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