By: Marta Davidovich,
Your personal joy and inspiration coach

I truly believe all of us are born with amazing potential and possibilities. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what they were truly born to do. Are you living the life of your dreams? If not, my mission is to inspire you to move in the direction your passion, purpose and destiny with joy. Reading these words and taking the suggested actions will activate your joy power in many magical ways.

Do you have a ‘happy dream’? Do you feel you are expressing your full potential? It’s rare for most of us to express our full potential because we live in a culture that tells us we need to conform to survive. We are told we must trade our ‘happy dreams’ for certain ‘responsibilities’. My joy is showing people how to ‘do their dream’ right now… baby step, by baby step. It all starts with saying ‘yes’ to yourself in ways that bring you joy.

Can you tell me a dozen things that make you angry or drive you up the wall? Do you know why that’s so easy? It’s because what we think about expands and in our culture we are surrounded by critics and complainers. We all know what we ‘don’t want.’ The project we’re about to do will help us focus on what we ‘do’ want.

ACTION STEP #1: Get a blank sheet of paper and a pen, colored pencils or markers. Draw a circle in the center large enough to hold the word JOY. Make lines coming out as if you were drawing a sun in kindergarden and on each of these lines write as many things as you can think of that bring you joy. Try to list at least a dozen things (not people). Think about what makes you smile. Your passions. Your favorite fragrances, foods, hobbies, and flowers.

Some of my ‘joys’ are: Latin dancing and music, long beach walks, finding great inspirational quotes, teaching and inspiring, going on cruises to tropical places, attracting money miracles, hearing babies laugh, flirting with babies, reading books and magazines,

reading and journaling, learning new things, creating collages, inspiring and being inspired, feeling fit and fabulous, spending time in nature, bike trail rides, attracting my soulmate, true romance, massages and pedicures, laughing, meeting new friends, enjoying the company of family and friends, spontaneous invitations to play, great dance partners, green tea flavored frozen yogurt, fresh sweet watermelon, sunsets, rainbows, waking to the sound of birds in the morning, the scent of jasmine outside my front door, old fashioned fragrant pink roses and gardenias, enjoying the fruit that grows in my yard, my dog Mozart. The list goes on and on.

Now it is time to use these ideas as triggers to stimulate your own list of joys. Be sure to record your happy dreams. Places you’d like to see. Things you’d like to do in this lifetime. Include anything that delights you. Stay harmless. The only ‘rule’ is you cannot impose your will on another. You can list a specific car you’d love to have. But stay away from asking for a specific ‘sweetheart’. Trust the universe by keeping things open in that department. Have fun with it. Set the timer for five minutes and start listing your joys. When the time is up, stop and admire your first official Joy Magnet Mandala.

Was it easy for you to do? Did you notice more ideas coming up the longer you focused on joy? Did any unusual joys come to mind? Just observe your process. It will get easier with practice.

Joy mandalas get ‘activated’ when you give them your attention. Put yours somewhere you’ll see it first thing each day - on your mirror or behind the bathroom door. Add to this one or create a new one daily. Some people start a joy magnet journal for keeping track of their joys. Making new joy magnet mandalas is great, but the most important thing you can do is to give yourself some joy from your list daily. Think of JOY as an acronym for “just one yes”. Give yourself JOY daily and watch miracles start to happen.

Guided visualization can also activate your joy power. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and imagine yourself living all of your happy dreams right now. What are you doing? Where are you doing it? Who is there with you? Notice all the wonderful details. Take a mental snapshot of the scene and now imagine it ten times better. How do you look? Where are you now? Look at your surroundings? Now guess what? You have been given the means to make your life ten times better than that. Now where are you? What are you doing? How does it feel? What are you enjoying most? Now release that thought because you are attracting something ten times better than that. Before we go any further, how many of you feel “it just can’t get better than this”? As soon as you have that feeling, you are right. We are limited only by what we can imagine. Practice imagining more and you will achieve more. Your destiny is not limited by anything else. Remember that!

BONUS: Write a letter of encouragement to yourself from (God or your parents or anyone else you value most in this world) letting you know you have everything you need to live your dreams right now. Sign it with love from them and mail it to yourself.

Every one of us needs encouragement and support on this journey though life. As I mentioned earlier, one of my joys is inspiring and being inspired. For more joy attraction coaching visit my twitter feed at: If you find this information helpful, please share it with others with my blessings.

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Now give yourself Just One Yes and create a joy-filled day!