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Excuse quotes remind us to rid ourselves of excuses. They are bad habits which get in the way of progress toward our dreams. Pay attention to all the ways you...

...justify excuses and change that behavior. It’s time to “just do it” without excuses. 

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A creative block is the wall we erect to ward off the anxiety we suppose we'll experience if we sit down to work.
Eric Maisel

Ignorance is no excuse, it's the real thing.
Irene Peter

The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other finds an excuse.
Sir John Marks Templeton

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.
Jim Rohn

Never ruin an apology with an excuse.
Benjamin Franklin

For many people, an excuse is better than an achievement because an achievement, no matter how great, leaves you having to prove yourself again in the future, but an excuse can last for life.
Eric Hoffer

He who cannot dance claims the floor is uneven.
Hindu saying

I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse.
Florence Nightingale

I will not take ‘but’ for an answer.
Langston Hughes

Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
George Washington Carver

Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.
Martha Graham

The trick is not how much pain you feel but how much joy you feel. Any idiot can feel pain. Life is full of excuses to feel pain, excuses not to live, excuses, excuses, excuses.
Erica Jong

Whoever wants to be a judge of human nature should study people's excuses.
Friedrich Hebbel

Like Excuse Quotes?
Fear, Responsibility, or Challenge Quotes

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